Over the years, Otis became known for his different comic strip features. We've received a lot of requests to see the comic strips again, since they are no longer being shown in any publication anywhere. Some of these features go back as far as the 1970's, while others were last published as recently as 2009.

We appreciate your patience while we build this section and hope you'll visit us often as new comic strips are added. We are currently working to restore the older strips in the order in which they appeared, but some people have requested their favorites, so we'll show them first. If you remember a favorite comic strip that you'd like to see shown here, please let us know and we'll do our best to post them sooner!

For more information, email us: sweat@otissweat.com

Dick Boy
Ah... what can we say about good ole' Dick Boy....

He's a DICK!!!

Thanks for your patience
during our site

Love Pants
Find the "pant pant" in every strip!
Pinky's Coming Soon!
Pinky and the Major
Pinky's new job is the Major's gal Friday.
obs at the Mansion are always Fun!!!
Uncle Oatie Presents
Mango Motel
can't be far behind...

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